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Gift a Custom T-shirt to Your Dad on Father’s Day

What do I get my dad for Father's Day? Father’s Day is one of those special occasions that creeps up out of nowhere, and is usually shrugged off with a card, friendly gesture and a bit of a laugh around the dinner table. Nowadays, finding a Father’s Day present that your dad actually likes and finds useful can prove a near impossible task, and most Father’s Day presents are usually left in the “oh yeah, I left that by the couch last week” category. However, if you’re a son or daughter looking to find a "cool" present that carries some sort of sentimental value, this year Letsflaunt has got ..

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The Art of Collaboration

​The Art of Collaboration Collaborations are a lot like a relationship; you can take two totally beautiful people and have one ugly kid. Likewise, two ugly people can create the next Blake Lively. The same thing can happen with tee collaboration between brands and artists; you can take two awesome logos or styles and mash together  into a wicked piece of garbage. For this reason you must selectively pick the brands, bands, or artists you link up with for collaborations. Work with brands that a similar to yours, carry a quality reputation, and aren’t simply trying to..

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10 Pro Tips for Better T-shirt Designs

T-shirt design is becoming one of the most popular outlets for creative’s. Whether you're an illustrator, graphic designer or typographer, the thought of having your design on a T-shirt is a pretty cool concept. However, the process can be a daunting thought. 1. Take your time and explore your concept Sketch it out, go for a walk, create a few variations, have something to eat, do a full brainstorming process. Then sleep on it. And do it over again. If it comes to you straight away, great. But explore other options just in case. 2. Imagine the design on a shirt Having worked on bot..

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Customization is for Everyone!

In the world of so much clutter, one thing that brings satisfaction to everyone is to look at yourself in the mirror. The emotion is different when you look at yourself. You turn caring, you start checking out and your tension goes off. Well, there’s exactly something similar that customization does. Instead something which you can’t relate to, when you look at someone which is associated to you, your emotion is always positive. It’s like relationships. If you are walking lonely in a crowded street and you stumble at an old friend, you will surely have a smile on your face, right? Customize..

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