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My Life. My Passion. My Design

Well! I am Natalija. I am 19 and a budding designer who travels to different places to capture world best creatives. Be it in the form of paintings, handicrafts, sculptures etc.  I also love to create designs. From early childhood, I am crazy about discovering innovative designs.  My passion is all about this. I like to create my own designs and get it on my own clothes, mugs, wallpapers, lamps etc. which people around me admire so much. It makes me happy that I am able to live with my passion! Life filled with passion becomes more lovable when people want to own your designs and ..

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20 Best Quotes for Sisters on Rakhi

A lovely sister worth a thousand friends: you may read a lot of books, had so many friends but a sister always have something to teach you about lifestyle, discipline and lot many. Sister act as a perfect teacher. Sometimes friends are fake, Best Friends are only for a while, But Sisters are Forever and Real. Image source: I love my sister because she cares me: Nothing defeats the love, care and affection of sister.  Parents might punish, scold but a sister encourage, inspire and motivate. Side by side or miles a part, sisters are always be..

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Selfie T-Shirts - The trend of the modern era

Selfie tees. Yes, we’ve come this far. Selfies have gotten so huge actually that they are now pronouncing the word of the year in 2015. Taking pictures of your food is out, now it’s all about taking pictures of yourself. Anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Went to a concert? Don’t take a picture of the stage, take a picture of yourself. Going to a funeral? Selfie time! But why do we take so many selfies these days? Well, the obvious answer would be, we’re all obsessed with ourselves, so we need to show every moment of our lives to everyone who wants to see it. But there might actually be more to i..

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Friendship day is celebrated worldwide, started in US 1935. There is not much literature about why friendship day is celebrated. First Sunday of august is dedicated to celebrate; friendship connects all types of people and eradicated many things like racism. This word connects two hearts, people, organizations, families, states, nations and continents. If this one simple word has the power to resolve issues then “ek gift tho banta hai” (worth a gift).  Best Gift Ideas on This Friendship Day: 1.Outing         Plan the entire day with you #BFF, se..

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Submit Your Designs

Everyone here is born with some ideas, someone didn’t get any direction, platform, guidance and last but not least being most are lazy to implement. LetsFlaunt  gives an opportunity to all who are interested in designing, design as hobby, design as Idea, design as profession, thought to design, design design design!!! We present you; express yourself & wear your thoughts. Submit your designs and get featured on and related social media Facebook, Twitter and all major Indian Marketplaces. There are two types of people one who create opportunity..

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