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Welcome to This is one place where “F” has only one meaning and that is “Flaunt” which means to show off. Express yourself, show the world the real you! The concept is brought together by a group of dreamers who wish to break the shackles of the world, make the world free from imposed clothing, banish the status quo and let you enter into your own realm, where you wear what relates to you, you expresses your inherent side.

After numerous conversations with friends, family and even strangers, we thought that someone should fill this void of “wear what you wish” and flaunting the same at the same time. We waited, o yes, we patiently waited for long for someone to fill the same gap while we were engrossed in our mundane corporate lives. But then as they say, heart lies where the heart lies. So we decided to take the plunge to let the world free their minds, expressing each day with their clothing and hence, we copulated and gave birth to

Numerous times when you might have shopped, you would have been in double minds whether you should buy something as simple as a T-shirt or not. Ever wondered why? Let us tell you basis our research the answer to this ever mingling and irritating why is ratyer, its simple, you are confused about buying that piece of cloth coz it doesn’t connect to you only. You might have liked the price or the color, but there’s no connection, still without any options, you end up making it an unused piece of your wardrobe. With, we’ll make sure that that’s not something you would exactly do, ever again…we manufacture and craft only things which directly connect to you, inside out! Something which won’t just sit idly in your wardrobe, rather something that you’ll wish to flaunt, again and again! brings you closer to yourself. Never ever after this, you would wear something that’s not you, rather your clothing will “SHOW THE YOU”. We’ll make sure that each time you go out, meet your friends, party and or do whatever, FLAUNT YOUR-SELF! Our every tee, mug and accessory is made to fit your choices, your moods, your personalities.

So, come flaunt yourself, try the various categories, try custom flaunt and yeah, don’t forget to try flaunt your individuality, after all, that’s our out-of-the-world concept detailing all about you.

Come…break the shackles of imposed wearing, rather start wearing yourself!

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